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Nuclear Power

Seabrook, NH?

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New England?
Seabrook, NH?

Should the nuclear power plant in Seabrook, NH be allowed to expand its current operation as has been proposed?


ISO 14001 Certified- Recognizing Leadership and Excellence in Environmental Stewardship

Has a Nature Trail that surrounds the Science and Nature Center which has blue lobster, touch pools, and habitats mimicking the surrounding environment.

Hampton/ Seabrook Estuary -part of New Hampshire Estuary Project, of which the Seabrook Station has supported over the last 5 years. (Concerns water quality...)

     In 1968, the Public Service Company of New Hampshire proposed a 860,000 kilowatt nuclear power plant in Seabrook.  The Seacoast Antipollution League was strongly against the power plant and got the building of the plant delayed to after 1975.  The planning for the plant resumed though in 1971 when they discussed building a 2.2 million kilowatt plant worth $1 billion.  In 1976, they broke ground.
     People were very worried about the affects the plant would have on the marsh and the surrounding environment.  Massive protests ensued with over 10,000 people present.  No other plant was under construction so Seabrook was getting national attention.  Evacuation problems and the bankruptcy of the lead owner only complicated the situation.  Today, they want to increase production by %7.  What would you do?

31 States have nuclear power plants and Seabrook ranks #26 on the list, but is the biggest power plant in New England.


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