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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power in New England?

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Light Water Reactor
Pebble Bed Reactor
Pros and Cons
New England?
Seabrook, NH?

Make a case for expanding our use of nuclear power to generate electricity in New England.

In times where fuel is required in excess to meet the demands of human beings,nuclear power is an obvious choice. Arguments for nuclear power as a resource argue that nuclear power is needed to address:

1. Climate change risks

2. Increasing demand of base load energy

3. Necessity of an energy source capable of producing and transporting fuels once the world reaches the maximum oil production


- Nuclear fission and fusion renaissance is coming.

- Nuclear energy helps prevent climate change.

- Between now and 2030 world energy demand is estimated to increase by over 50%, making nuclear power necessary to meet the growing demand.

- Other energy sources that reduce greenhouse gases don't provide reliable base load power. Only fossil fuels and nuclear power provide that power, but with the decrease in resources for fossil fuels there is no choice but to build power plants to help with the reduction of greenhouse gases.

- Oil is going to peak soon, making nuclear power an option to provide energy to create transport fuels (ex. biofuels, methanol, hydrogen fuels).

- Nuclear power has the capabilities to provide energy for battery powered cars in the future.

- Nuclear energy is cheaper than renewable resources.

- Nuclear power plants have technologically advanced over the past years, preventing a reactor like Chernobyl to ever be built again.

- Nuclear programs are very safe and can deliver lower carbon footprints compared to that of countries that burn coal for most electricity.

- Nuclear power is a green solution.

- has power constantly 24/7

- uses most concentrated form of energy in the world.

- Waste amounts to approximately one coke can per person's lifetime.

Con's of other energy resources:

- Coal currently provides 51% of US electricity-->estimated that coal pollution causes 24,000 US deaths a year, excluding 5,000 who die annually in the mines.
- Coal also involves large amounts of mine spill, fuel, pollution(uranium/mercury), and carbon dioxide spilled into atmosphere.

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