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How much uranium is available and where are the reserves (globally)?  How long are these reserves expected to last at current rates of consumption?

  • Most estimates concerning the availability of Uranium in the world, which consider known reserves and reasonable estimates of other high grade sources of uranium ore, are around 4 to 5 million tons.
  • If we add together all potential sources of uranium, including unconventional sources, the amount of uranium that is accessible around the globe is in excess of 17 million tons
  • The price for Uranium is $US50 per pound. The known conventional reserves amount to about 85 years supply at the current level of consumption.

  • Including the unexplored reserves and unconventional resources, it is estimated that the Uranium supply will suffice for 500 years.
  • The only way to achieve this is if at some point between 2010 and 2020 the uranium mining industry is dramatically expanded.

Known Recoverable Resources of Uranium

                    Tons of Uranium    % of world

Australia              1,143,000                24%

Kazakhstan           816,000                17%

Canada                   444,000                 9%

USA                        342,000                 7%

South Africa           341,000                 7%

Namibia                  282,000                 6%

Brazil                       279,000                 6%

Niger                       225,000                 5%

Russian Fed.          172,000                 4%

Uzbekistan             116,000                  2%

Ukraine                   90,000                    2%

Jordan                    79,000                    2%

India                         67,000                   1%

China                       60,000                    1%

Other                      287,000                   6%

World total            4,743,000             





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